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Greene Eden is your solution to Irrigation and Total Turf Management

Greene Eden’s philosophy focuses on savings – and it is with that in mind that TIMPACK™ (Total Irrigation Management Package) the first of its kind available in Australia, where the objective is to maximize savings in water, time and money, has been developed.

By providing the full package – from grounds renovation, soil remediation, irrigation design, supply and installation – to – central control management for monitoring water usage, on-going maintenance, and regular Biologic fertilizing, Greene Eden can supply every service you, or your, turf could possibly need.

With technology that leads the industry, supported by highly skilled personnel with many year’s experience, and state-of-the-art installation equipment, Greene Eden will provide you with an optimum irrigation system and/or soil additives to result in a uniform turf growth across the site.

Current water restrictions have made lush green turf a thing of the past – but we can help you make the most of every drop of water you place on your site to achieve the best turf quality possible.

Each and every sub-surface drip irrigation project must be seen as entirely unique - it is very rare to find any two sites exactly the same – and, as such, each project requires accurate design, and most especially, quality installation, to ensure that the end-result provides a uniform turf growth. Soil, and sometimes water, tests are undertaken prior to the commencement of the work (often prior to the quotation) to assess if the site requires soil renovation before the system installation proceeds.